Dental clinic «SeLena Dent»


    dental clinic «SeLena Dent»
    I had bad molars and wisdom teeth. I went to four dentists. Someone said to remove a wisdom tooth, someone said that I the deep stage of development of caries (pulpitis) and needed to remove the nerve. In that case, the price would be really high. Someone said that nothing should be done at all and everything is good. And only Elena Melkoozerova found the real cause. And there was just a piece of food stuck, she cleaned everything. I'm so glad that everything went well and that the doctor was competent. All the teeth are preserved and there is not have to remove neither the tooth nor the nerve. I'm happy I got an appointment with her. :)
    The doctors are professionals!!! There are a high quality, good service, and affordable price!!!
    My childhood fear of dentists and bad treatment experience in my youth for a long time did not allow to cross the thresh...old of the dentist's office and fix my teeth. Elena Vladimirovna is a real professional! She approaches with understanding and patience such cowards as me, always wait, encourage, and at the same time the quality of work is a great! Now Sergei Alexandrovich put a crown. He's also a great specialist. There is a quiet service, clear offices, and a minimum of discomfort. I'm glad I found my dentists in this clinic.
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